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Plague works cleared!

03/11/2010 10:48 PM


02/08/2010 05:33 PM

Anu down 25 Man

09/14/2009 08:59 PM

Thorim downed!!

09/03/2009 09:59 PM

Altitude clears 10 man Trial of Champions

09/01/2009 09:50 PM

<Altitude> - A Guild for Colorado

Welcome to <Altitude>. Look for us in-game!

We are a group of players formed around the WotLK release. Most of us are from Colorado, with the idea of a more personal type of guild, built on real life friendships.

Our server is Hyjal, our faction is Horde.

Our local members enjoy getting together for fun times and discussion of all things WoW. If you are from Colorado, and this sounds like something you want to get involved in, then please feel free to check out the Forums!

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Nefarian Down!!
06/27/2011 10:25 AM by foolishness

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